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Welcome to TORA Eco - Resort and Life Experience

Connected to the world by local country boats and far from the man made world, the life in these villages offers the natural ethnic experiences of the habitants. Life here revolves around the nature forest, fishing, and farming.

Tora offers a typical sunderban village experience, a combination of visit to the wild and the life of a villager. Visits to the Tiger reserve is by boats. The boats cruise thorugh the dense narrow creeks and the best sightings of the wildlife and birds are during these boat rides. Watch towers at various inlands also offer good position for sighting. Excursions to the forest and village are led by the trained boys and girls of the local community . More...
  • River Cruise through the Mangrove Forest along with Creek Ride.
  • Visit to the Watch Towers and Nature Interpretation Centre.
  • Experience Mud walk through Mangroves.
  • Explore Wildlife & Bird Watching.

  • Village Walk & Local Market Tour.
  • Country Boat & Local Engine Van Ride.
  • Community Projects & Volunteering Opportunities.
  • Enjoy Folk Theater “Banabibi Yatra"
  • Experience Farming & Fishing in the Village.