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Indian Sundarbans is part of the largest delta in the globe formed by the Rivers Ganges,Brahmaputra and Meghna.The Sundarbans,shared between India and Bangladesh, is the largest mangrove forest in the world.The place has probably derived its name from mangrove tree species“Sundari “ that grows in the region.Indian Sundarbans is spread over two Districts of West Bengal namely North 24 Parganas and South 24 Parganas covering a total area of 9600 sq km formed by 102 islands criscrossed by innumerable Rivers and Creeks.The total area bounded by Ichamati – Raimangal Rivers on the east, River Hoogly on the west,the Dampier – Hodges line on the North and the Bay of Bengal on the south, was declared as a Biosphere Reserve in 1989.The extent of the mangrove forest which is termed as Tidal Swamp Forest covers an area of 4264 sqkm within 48 islands of which 55 % is under vegetation and 45 % is under water body/inter tidal zone.Out of the total forested area,The Sundarban Tiger Reserve was brought under Project Tiger in 1973 and covers an area of 2585 sqkm.The Core area or the Sundarban National Park under the Tiger Reserve was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1987. Sundarbans is a unique ecosystem with rich biodiversity.Out of the flora,there are 84 mangrove and associated species.The mangrove species include Baen (Avicennia spp), Genwa(Excoecaria agallocha), Goran(Ceriops spp), Kankra(Bruguiera spp),Garjan(Rhizophora spp) etc.The fauna includes the Indian Tiger,Fishing Cat,Spotted Deer,Wild Boar,Estuarine Crocodile,Irrawaddy Dolphin,King Cobra,Water Monitor and innumerable bird and other aquatic species.It is worth mentioning that Sundarbans is the only mangrove in the globe where the Tiger is found,and the Tiger has adapted to a semi aquatic life.
TORA Eco Resort welcomes you to explore the amazing biodiversity of Sundarbans alongwith a true village life experience at Bali island to understand the ever struggle for existence by the villagers living adjacent to these near impenetrable mangrove forests against various adverse conditions.

A unique community tourism project, this eco resort & life experience centre offers accommodation in 07 ethnic cottages made in local rural style of architecture and made of local materials. The area is surrounded by lush green villages, gardens and pond overlooking the sanctuary on the bank of river Gumdi. The resort has supply of electricity powered by solar energy, safe drinking water, clean & palatable local food. The people of Bali village will your host, they will take you around the village and forest or on a cruise through the creeks and tell you the story of Sundarbans.